Spend It All on You

New Song. You're Welcome. Play this video a million times, don't let them forget we were here and we rocked this... lol

Singing Live - I'm Thankful Live for a Happy Thanksgiving

My Happy Thanksgiving live music, enjoy it! I wrote this song about a year ago. You can listen to the recorded version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0JQMSVPcTk

Kinyo: One at Gardopia Gardens - "I'm Trying to do Better"

This campaign ONE is the most fun I've had in a long time, and I'm finally rediscovering my music performance flow. Truthfully I haven't even started performing yet, the energy is just building!



Listen to Stop

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Listen to Stop



My Fiancee Interviews my Dad on Our Podcast and It was the Most Interesting Conversation I've Listened to

The new episode of Hashtag Goals is one of my favorites. Hashtag Goals is our Podcast where we interview people of all ages to have conversations about why people do the things they do.


Listen to that episode here: https://anchor.fm/hashtag-goals/episodes/4-The-Secret-to-Marriage-with-Pastor-Laolu-Laditan-MarriageGoals-e8orui

"ANIME" - Kinyo (Music Video)

This was a fun project. I put some footage with Gary Vaynerchuck at the beginning. That was the beginning of a journey for me. I have to thank God for showing me how nothing in my life measures up to what he can do in a moment. If you knew the full story of the "Gary Vee" moment you'd find out God was the real one behind the scenes.