kinyo: Starting my Journey with Gold in the Millenial Way!

Starting my Journey with Gold in the Millenial Way!

I'm getting started building wealth with Karat Bars:

I've always been 'in' to the internet. Since I could blog I've blogged. I love searching for life on this barren wasteland because there are the budding trappings of REAL life out here.

Being able to live "on the internet" really means being able to live anywhere at all. Focusing on the parts of your life that matter most when they matter most, relationships, health, wealth, curiosity, peace.

That is what has led me here, to the life I live now. Part Thom Yorke, part Elon Musk, part Kanye Angelou Chappelle Tron Goonies Doctor Who Luther...

Karat Bars is an MLM. I used to be skeptical of MLMs then I realized everything is MLM. I still stayed away, but this is one I identify with. So if I can help YOU out by referring you I honestly feel like I'm helping you take control of the "wealth" part of your life, and doing the same for myself, so I can create more art. Art helps us take control of a whole different are of our life and doesn't need to be connected directly with money, it should be spread freely!

On the other hand, I do think money is important. A friend, Mr. Composition, said to me "Gold is Timeless" and it clocked, that's why I like gold. Buying gold is like investing in time.

That's why when this company was recommended to me I jumped on it. It was the perfect blend of modern communication technology (including blockchain) and REAL gold. I'm excited to get started.

If you want to start your "Gold" journey with me click the link:

Otherwise, keep checking back here to here my feedback on using Karat Bars to invest in Gold.

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