kinyo: I'm Using Painting to make ONE local in Northwest San Antonio with ART WELL

I'm Using Painting to make ONE local in Northwest San Antonio with ART WELL

I'm excited to be creating another event in one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite cities. Many of you know me from poetry, music, media, or business, but one of my favorite areas of exploration is art. I love painting and painters and am always interested in new art forms.

I took some of the biggest personal leaps with my art while living in the Northwest area of San Antonio. 

The logo for my business Project Forward was created during a live painting within walking distance of where I'm doing the ART WELL event on Nov 2nd, 2019, at an event called Laughter Prescribed in 2015. (pic below)

I also created my first solo event at a now-closed African Restaurant two years ago in 2013 earlier in Northwest San Antonio on Bandera after being in the city for 11 months. (pic below)

The year after that I performed at a church youth group event "Katalambano". (post-performance interview below)

One year later Katalambano happened again, and that's when I really "laid hold", using live painting and event organizing to attempt to use art as a vehicle to reflect the beauty we all carry inside.

In fact, you can say something about this small area of this small city was perfect for an art awakening. (picture evidence below from 2015ish)

It's been a long journey, from first drawing classes in the Antelope Valley with my friends Oscar and Steve to taking painting classes at Northwest Vista Community College.

The latest event is going to combine my love of painting and painters, with my desire to highlight the atmosphere of culture that makes is little are of this often forgotten city to perfect place to take a journey through art.