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Getting Out the Vote, Stirring Political Dialogue with Growing Empowered Together

I've been working with Growing Empowered Together for what feels like a couple years. It's been amazing. I knew from the first time that I met Lauren, the kind of person she was, what I didn't know is how tirelessly she works doing the "small", "heart-centered" aspects of running a production company.

Growing Empowered Together or GET for short is a nonprofit production company that's been working to motivate San Antonio youth to include voting in their lifestyle.

I've hung out with the GET crew, I've hosted their show "Millenial Matters", I've hosted live events for them, and I've planned and conversed with the crew. I'm a part of the crew.

Above you can see the trailer for EP10, where I interviewed Accomplished Texas Activists H. Drew Galloway (Executive Director of MOVE Texas) and Beth Stevens (Texas Civil Rights Project).

At the end of my vlog video below, you can see the first GET event I ever attended, BEFORE I started working with them.