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Gardopia Gardens Event Was Successful We Got Featured on

On Monday I check facebook and see a message from Stephen Lucke, CEO of Gardopia Gardens, and he let me know that an article had been written about the event we did that past Saturday at Burleson Yard. I was Happy!

Check out the article here:

Not just happy I'm grateful. I feel so blessed. The event turned out super well. The stage was graced by many talents, and we even had some celebrity guests who came to see the SHOW. It was awesome!

"Make America Green Again" was the slogan.

We came up with the event VOTE EARTH to create an atmosphere of action. That includes voting as it's the foundation but a larger, more global perspective overall. Politics should not be our greatest moral drivers, just fine instruments of the agency. We should be motivated by passion and inspiration.

Speaking of messenger if you look at these images you can see how Stephen and I, boiled up the idea in real time!