kinyo: From Procrastination to Fake Authorities

From Procrastination to Fake Authorities

From my Instagram: "Why be a SLAVE to a weak system. I have to remind myself constantly, I'm the only one who can make my dreams possible. Nobody is going to have the conviction to pursue YOUR passions. More than that MANY will muster up the strength to try and pass their own self-doubt on to you. You don't need someone to tell you if you've done a good job. 

I also see a lot of people hide behind ideas like perfection, and excellence because they were disconnected from their reward/educational experience emotionally and began creating superficial authorities of success. School is great, you can become engineers, writers, scientists. But when you're passing classes or polishing your APPEARANCE just for shallow approval, you'll end up in debt without having accrued any real skill. 

We don't need school, its a tool, one of many. Its YOUR job to build yourself into a person who can contribute the works of HIS/HANDS to their community, and that doesn't take anything more than passionate work, and a willingness to give to others. GIVE TO OTHERS. GIVE and you'll have all the affirmation of YOUR VALUE you'll ever need."

In the same vein here's I recorded with the Dab Troll media company after attending a meeting with a "social media expert". I get fed up when I see people using "tactics" to steer people in the wrong direction.

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