My First Show with Afton Promotions - Starting to Play Shows on Own in San Antonio, What's the Point?

Less than a week from the day of writing this I'll be performing a show at Jack's Bar and Patio. Well, maybe. If I don't sell at least 1 ticket by the day before, I'll probably not go, so if you're planning on going don't wait to buy tickets with cash.

I'm a poet performing poetry is easy for me. This year I want to read to as many people I can, in as many places as I can.

I also have ambitions in music.

Since getting back into music, I've performed about 3 times, bringing my career total (of vocal performances) to somewhere around 15 or so (not counting choir performance). I've probably played drums live an excess of 100+ times (mostly because of the church). Performing is one of my favorite things to do.

My goal is to get the performance level of singing the songs I've created to how much fun and expertise I can bring when I drum.

The difference is I played the drums in secret for YEARS before my first performance when it comes to singing almost all of my practice happens on stage in front of people or while recording. I'm grateful for the year I spent in a choir for the extra training.

Over the next 5 years, I want to reach my peak in singing performance. If I can rock a few shows with at least 100 people and really feel it I'll have made it.

After that, I'll most likely take a break except for very small shows, and events with artists that I love.

Whatever happens with this show coming up, I'll definitely be performing at other locations around San Antonio, and attempting to find shows in other cities and states.

Shout out to Ricky 'RockaBoy' Harris for agreeing to play drums during the set.

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