kinyo: Franque Bains. Burger King Implicit Bias in Salt Lake City, Utah

Franque Bains. Burger King Implicit Bias in Salt Lake City, Utah

A good friend of mine Franque Bains was mentioned on ABC News. America has a long history, and it's ethics are still evolving. The interaction between everyday citizens is feeling the effects. This time it's getting called out.

Franque said implicit bias caused the worker to unfriendly, and I agree. What made it worse is that she was seeking refuge from freezing temperatures and snow. I just went to Utah. it's COLD.

As a Nigerian American born in Oakland. I've always noticed racism, but I don't view America as the center of the universe. It's a flawed society on one side of the globe. When I finally took a long look at racism I identified my major issue with it. It reduces the productivity of a Nation. Productivity in art, business, love, quality of life, high-level thinking... everything.

It takes time to relearn these things. I hope these stories make us all think about whether or not our interactions with the outside world are healthy and see if we have anything that needs to heal inside.

Utah is definitely far less diverse than the U.S's major cities. The simple streets were great for writing and spacing out, but there was definitely more space between the people than I am now used to in Texas.

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