kinyo: "Plane" is my Latest Music Release.

"Plane" is my Latest Music Release.

My latest track is one of my most favorite ever. I say that almost everytime I write something new, and as of writing this post, I haven't written anything newer than this. I'm glad I'm able to create a song and have it go up everywhere so fast.

I've been thinking about where my sounds come from. I've come to the conclusion that the largest contribution to my current work is nostalgia. I don't know if that will always be the case, but I suspect it won't be. 

The music I'm creating now is perfect for this part of my life. I'm making songs that make me feel the excitement of my favorite indie music of my late teens, like Arcade Fire, Autolux, and Bloc Party. I also believe I'm drawing from the aesthetics I enjoyed so much in world, ambient and transcendental music.


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