kinyo: #timemachine Winter 2018 - Full REST Meditation Kit

#timemachine Winter 2018 - Full REST Meditation Kit

I work hard to create a mindset in my own brain that will allow me to win big in the ways that matter to me. When I started working with other creatives through my media company I started realizing the tools I use to help myself might work for others. 

That's why I don't just create media anymore, but I try to create mindset tools and tactics that help those who I build media with handle all the very real phenomena that "media creators" have to be able to mentally organize. 

Too many are suffering from the negative "solar flares" that come along with the "limelight" even people who aren't even remotely famous, Facebook has made us ALL celebrities, and it's causing depression, angst, and in general, it's slowing us down. This Meditation Kit is built to help you thrive as a creator.

To go with these tools to help you build your business, media, lifestyle, I've created a #timemachine box "to help you travel quickly to the future you dream of".